100pcs MOQ Create Your Branded Watches

Small Order Era

More and more factories find their customs’ orders are struggling to reach the production MOQ. Most of time, they have no choices to reject such low quantity orders. Obviously they don’t notice that they are losing a giant potential market and time is changing.

pocket watch

Types of Pocket Watch

Although pocket watches are essentially a single design, there are a few different aesthetic elements that greatly affect the way the pocket watch is used and displayed. These elements can determine the value and age of the watch, as well as being ultimately more or less attractive to each owner and potential buyer.

Square watches or Round watches

Square watches or Round watches?

There are so many brands of men’s watches available in the market making it tough for one to make a choice. There are also features that one uses to select it while some look at the watch as a whole. Dial is the most important part in a watch. Other features like the chain band or leather can be changed but dial is the core of any watch. Watches are designed in different ways it is therefore ones duty to choose one that is best.